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Cost-Effective Weed Control in Container Nurseries

Our Rice Hull Topper is a simple to operate, productive, remote monitored, rice husk pot topping equipment built for the wholesale container grower. This machine is used to dispense rice hull material to top dress and cover pots and containers on the potting or canning line.  We understand that alternatives to herbicides and pre-emergents are needed and that hand weeding is expensive.  Our system also allows for top dressing rice husk on non circular containers and trays and does not require rotation of the container or setup for different container sizes.  There is no setup required for different container types.

How do we apply our core mindset?


Operation of the equipment is simple with the use of screw augers to move the rice hull material and built in processing of large rice hull bales.


To aid in productivity and maintenance, the blower is internet connected which provides performance monitoring, proactive service management and customer peace of mind that equipment is performing as expected.


Designed to the most current safety standards, the unit is fully shielded and guarded, built on a steel frame with industrial components Powered by electric motors and built around industrial duty components. This machine will provide you years of trouble free operation. This equipment comes with a full three year warranty and 3 years of connectivity and product monitoring.

There is more info on our FAQ – Rice Hull Blower news post.

Like all STILT.PRO equipment, this rice hull topper is purpose built for the container grower.  For more information, please contact us for grower references on equipment currently in service and for purchasing options.

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Ask Questions.  Tell us about what you need. Start collaborating.


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