Reduce weed pressure with a

Rice Hull Blower

Cost-Effective Weed Control in Container Nurseries.

Rice hulls as a top dress provide sustainable, organic, chemical free weed prevention.

Less than 8 cents per plant

3 gallon including labor and rice hull material


THE ONLY IN-FIELD, simple-to-operate, productive, remote-monitored, rice hull pot-topping equipment built for the wholesale container grower

Rice Hull Blower Value:

  • Single application on a plant
  • Eliminates plant stunting, herbicide toxicity, and root inhibition
  • Sustainable, organic, chemical free weed prevention
  • Safe on food plants

Application Cost:

Less than 8 cents per container*

Lasts duration of plant in container.

*3 gallon container, includes labor and application cost.


  • 3 Years Product Monitoring
  • 3 Year Warranty

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