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Tom Knuth – CEO

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Purchase with your new machine or replace your current hose hanger with a crank operated hose reel. This addon will reduce operator effort to retract the hose from rows and allow for faster movement between plant beds.

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The “LONGSHOT” Purchase with your new machine or replace your current hose hanger with an electric powered rewind hose reel.  This addon is for when you are trying to apply rice hulls where you have long rows and will allow you to reach up to 250ft from each side allowing for a total bed length of 500ft. Easy electric rewind to eliminate need for operator to drag hose in Swivel joint to allow for rewinding when dispensing Hose can pull out from either side of machine Retrofit on current machines or purchase with new Reduce operator fatigue

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Whats Labor Got To Do With It?

GGIA – Wintergreen 2020 Presentation Tom Knuth from STILT.PRO will offer an engineer’s perspective at applying industrial factory metrics and terminology to visualize and improve your growing operation’s productivity and efficiency.

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STILT PRO Real-Time Location System Architecture

What is a Real-Time Location System?

What is a Real-Time Location System? A real-time location system, or RTLS, tracks an asset in near real time and provides continues updates to the location of the vehicle, tractor, sprayer, gator, side by side, ATV, forklift, truck, or whatever custom piece of equipment you may have at your operation.  With this information, you can start to understand the productivity of your entire operation, make changes and use data to see the changes to your operations efficiency What is Asset Tracking? Asset tracking is a general term used to describe the tracking of assets and it includes real-time location systems.  Assets

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