Soil Mixer

Small Substrate Mixer and Filler

Soil and Substrate Mixer | The Ground Grinder mini Upgrade your greenhouse potting bench to the all-in-one STILT.PRO Greenhouse Soil Mixer without increasing your floor space.  Compact and portable small batch soil mixer potting machine will fit through a standard 36” door and easily go where you need it.  Load and fill from the front eliminating the need for you to access the machine from different sides.  Easily break and fluff 3.8 cubic foot compressed peat bales.  Do not worry about collecting unused media as you pot, there is an integrated soil return hopper to recycle the media back into

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Soil Mixer Machine

Soil Mixer

Soil and Substrate Mixer | The Ground Grinder 1 yard soil mixer The STILT.PRO Batch Soil Mixer will time and time again let you uniformly blend your custom mixes and can handle typical potting soil mixes.  Use common growing materials like PBH rice hulls, peat, bark, sand, fertilizers and chemicals as needed.  The tried-and-true ribbon blender forces material into the center where it continuously turns over for proper blending and preps material for usage. Use this soil mixing machine as a peat fluffer or bale buster and easily save money by switching from loose peat bags to 3.8 cubic feet

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Cost-Effective Weed Control in Container Nurseries

Rice Hull Blower

Rice Hull Blower Product OverviewProduct Specifications We’d Love to further this conversation one-on-one Click here to learn why this machine is the right tool for the job Cost-Effective Weed Control in Container Nurseries Our Rice Hull Blower is a simple to operate, productive, remote monitored, rice husk pot topping equipment built for the wholesale container grower. This machine is used to dispense rice hull material to top dress and cover pots and containers in the field.  We understand that alternatives to herbicides and pre-emergents are needed and that hand weeding is expensive.  We have seen that there is a need

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