Single Potting Machine - 1/2 to 3/4 Cubic Yard


Single Potting Machine - 1/2 to 1 Cubic Yard

These soil mixers and potting machines can be operated with one person, Tray filler and flat filler attachment options available. ½ yard to 1 yard small potting machine. Powered with a standard 110V outlet.


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STILT PRO - Made Tough

Your go manufacturer for specialized agricultural equipment

STILT.PRO was founded by Tom Knuth in 2018 with the mission to provide their customers in the wholesale nursery industry with Simple products and solutions that employ appropriate AgTechnology and are designed and MadeTough.  Since then, STILT.PRO has been working hard to understand the needs of their customers, grow relationships, and identify and work with growers to solve their problems in a collaborative manner.

  • Small and Compact
  • Integrated Soil Return
  • Versatile Machine
  • Runs on 110V

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Upgrade your greenhouse potting bench to the all-in-one STILT.PRO Greenhouse Soil Mixer without increasing your floor space.  Compact and portable small batch soil mixer potting machine will fit through a standard 36” door and easily go where you need it.  Load and fill from the front eliminating the need for you to access the machine from different sides.  Easily break and fluff 3.8 cubic foot compressed peat bales.  Do not worry about collecting unused media as you pot, there is an integrated soil return hopper to recycle the media back into the machine to be used again.

Packed with capability, this ½ yard and up pot filler will time and time again let you uniformly blend your custom mixes (up to 65 gallons) and can handle typical potting soil mixes.  Use common growing materials like PBH rice hulls, peat, bark, fertilizers, and chemicals as needed.  The blender in the bottom continuously turns media over for proper blending and preps material for usage.

Even with its small size, it carries all these features at an inexpensive price, not much of a risk there.

How does the semi-automatic filler, mixer, bale buster work?

Your DIY potting mix is loaded into the front of the machine.  Turn the soil mixer on and allow to run for a few minutes to break up and mix the media.  When properly mixed, start filling pots.  Repeat the process after the media is consumed.

Save Money:  Use this soil mixing machine as a peat fluffer or bale buster and easily save money by switching from loose peat bags to 3.8 cubic feet compressed bales.

Save your back and simplify your greenhouse:

Who is this equipment for?  Designed and Built for the small garden co-op, garden center, or small nursery.  If you want to increase your efficiency and quality of your potting process, this machine is for you.

How many pots can a garden soil mixer fill per batch?  As a reference, a 1/2 cubic yard greenhouse dirt mixer can fill around 100 True #1 containers per batch.

Customization is available in all aspects of the design for your specific growing needs. Please contact us about your unique application.

Dont forget to head over and look at the Ground Grinder minis big brother:

Typical Soil Mixer Batch Capability*

Here are some common batch mixer sizes and the number of common containers / pots / trays that they can fill each batch.  Typical batch mixing time is 3 to 5 minutes to fully mix media.

Mixer Volume (Cubic Yards)0.250.51248
Container TypeContainers / TraysContainers / TraysContainers / TraysContainers / TraysContainers / TraysContainers / Trays
T.O. Plastics
T.O. Plastics
T.O. Plastics
T.O. Plastics
Summit Plastic Company
Round Janor Pots
3.5″ (9 cm H)
Summit Plastic Company
Round Janor Pots
6″ (15 cm T)
Nursery Supply
Nursery Supply
True #1
Nursery Supply
True #2
Nursery Supply
True #3
Nursery Supply
Nursery Supply

*reference info taken from these manufacturers:  |  |

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What does the warranty look like?

3 Year, Unlimited Hours Warranty – INCLUDED

What does it include?

Includes: Problem identification, remote trouble shooting of issue, support and instruction for proper repair, and providing replacement of failed parts.

What is excluded?

Excludes – Misuse of equipment (including using non horticultural potting mixes with high sand and field soil content) or improper care, such as leaving fertilizer in machine for an extended period of time.  Wear parts (chain, slats, wear plates or surfaces).  External physical damage inflicted on the machine.  Labor repair costs.

We will walk you through the repair process and make sure you're happy.

What about Service Parts?

Yes, we keep inventory of most all parts. Most all of the components are either US Sourced or a common off the shelf component. We are having some supply chain issues on components, but we are working through the best way to manage that.

What about Repair?

All of our machines are designed right here in the US.  We design these machines to be easily repairable by an inexperienced worker.  Should a problem arise, you won’t need to weld or fabricate a new part.  The entire machine is bolted together and you can simply bolt in a replacement part.

The hopper capacity seems low

We have heard that concern, I get it, you won’t be able to load a machine up and let a person pot plants for a day.

Some perspective – The rear load machine holds about 3/4 – 1 cubic yard which is up to about 200 gallons of material. That gives you about 15 minutes of runtime without stopping.

The reason for the smaller equipment size is to primarily keep the price and complexity down.

Increasing the machine size has a few unwelcome side effects:

-Increase horsepower requirements which means increased power – now you have to have dedicated power for the machine.

-Increasing the hopper size also increases the physical size of the machine which increases the overall cost and reduces portability

You may have not made a purchase on a potting machine in the past because of the overall cost.

We're being cautious around those concerns and trying to work within your business goals.

Is this production rate slow?

From time to time, we hear that our production rates appear slow. Look at it this way though. You have 5 or 10 workers running a high-speed line. SOMETHING GOES WRONG, you now have all these people standing around and/or you need to find a different job for them.

What's your real per man hour potting rate?

If you have a machine problem with a high-speed line you’re completely shut down.  With a cell-based design, you have a small part of the potting operation down.  Your efficiency is similar whether you have 1 or 4 people operating STILT.PRO machines.

Your business is complex, don't make it worse.

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