6 Nursery and Greenhouse Equipment Must-Haves to Skyrocket Efficiency and Prevent Plant Loss

Growers need tough hard-working machines to get the job done.  Whether you are managing the complexities of a greenhouse to make sure you deliver your poinsettias for Christmas or you are a nursery ensuring your product is ready at the right moment to deliver to customers for the spring season, you rely on your hard-working equipment and team to hit those deadlines.

Check out these equipment ideas to streamline efficiency so you can rock your production and hit those numbers.

Soil Mixer Machine

1. GROUND GRINDER | 1 Yard Soil Mixer

The STILT.PRO GROUND GRINDER soil mixer machines give you the freedom to make a custom soil mix to your specific plants needs in house.  The simple design of the unit ensures many years of use.  The equipment gives you:

  • 1 cubic yard of batch mixing capacity
  • Customizable options like conveyors, timers, controls, and augers
  • Durable epoxy primer and powder coat finish

The STILT.PRO model is ideal for operations that are wanting to run batches 200 one-gallon containers or about 67 three-gallon containers.  Mixing time is about three to five minutes.

3e tractor nursery equipment mums

2. Tractor and Wagons

Literally the workhorse of the business, reliable tractors and wagons are versatile and give you means to move plants to and from the field, load material into soil mixing machines, grade lanes, dig trenches and accomplish most any task you can imagine.

A machine like the John Deere 3 Series has the reliability and the available attachments to do any job you need on the nursery.

nursery equipment pbh rice hull topdress

3. PBH Rice Hull Blower

There are many methods for weed control.  A relatively new solution is the application of PBH rice hulls as a mulch on top of your containers.  PBH rice hulls are certified organic, they are renewable, and they reduce your dependence on chemicals weed control.  Your customers are becoming more eco conscious and this is a good way to work towards that.  For large nurseries, a good piece of equipment to have around is the STILT.PRO SHORTSHOT Rice Hull Blower.  This machine is easily 4 times as fast as hand application of rice hulls in a container nursery.

4. PTO Water Pump

Big operation or small, A properly designed irrigation system is critical to the success of your operation.  Any gaps in watering, especially during propagation, seeding or during the summer heat can easily result in devastating crop loss.  Growing concern over water scarcity in the US is putting more pressure on efficient use of water.  A good independent backup system is a must and a PTO Water Pump is an easy insurance policy for your operation.  Make sure to setup a test schedule to periodically run the pump to make sure it will be working when you most need it.  When things go wrong, small issues can quickly compound and make a situation much worse.

5. Rechargeable Trimmers

Battery technology has come a long way and there are some inexpensive homeowner models that are quite well suited for nurseries and greenhouses.  A good example is the rechargeable STIHL HSA 45.  These rechargeable trimmers have the added benefit of being LIGHTER than gas counterparts which helps to reduce operator fatigue for those long days of trimming.  They are inexpensive to replace should it fall off a trailer.  You do not have to service the engine, but don’t forget to oil the blade clean and disinfect your pruning tools to prevent the spread of pathogens.

6. Tool & Equipment Organization System

Organization is key for quick access to the tools you need, when you need it.  You should plan out an organizational system for your work areas, whether they a shop or a wagon dedicated to a specific task.  Don’t forget to build in the systems required for prepping and cleaning and storing your valuable equipment.  There are endless options for custom storage, you may need to experiment a little.  Don’t sell yourself short, your team may be best suited to build the organization system as they are the day-to-day users of this equipment.  A good system will pay off in increased efficiency when people find what they need, when they need.  A good technique is to use the 5S workplace organization methodology.

The best nursery and greenhouse equipment, like the Ground Grinder and tractor and wagon, will streamline your process and help build on your success.

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