Pros and Cons of Field Application of Rice Hulls

Here are a few things to consider when analyzing your options for rice hull application:

  • With the field application, you do need to use 50lb bales so the operator can load the machine in the field.
  • If an operator is not careful rice hull blowing can be messy and spread beyond the containers.
  • You are able to allow small liners to grow larger and establish themselves into the new containers before covering with rice hulls.
  • If applying rice hulls on a potting line, you risk jostling the plants when moving the product to the field, this can cause the rice hull barrier to be broken and reduce the efficacy of rice hulls.
  • Applying on the potting line doesn’t allow the media to settle in the container to leave adequate space to the top of container to fill with rice hulls.
  • You are not tied to your potting lines.  This is beneficial in today’s crazy world when supply chains are constantly being disrupted, if you have a late shipment of rice hulls, a problem with application equipment, or are short on labor, you are not tied to your potting line and you don’t need to stop potting.
  • If you have more than one potting machine, a field application can be used to cover all pots and doesn’t require multiple machines.
  • You can use the equipment to re-apply in the event you have plants tip over from high wind.


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