Trigger Happy Fertilizer

Hit your plants with an accurate dose of fertilizer!  We’ve got your plants covered with this granular fertilizer applicator.  Throw the fertilizer filled hose over your shoulder, grab the reigns of the modified cordless drill.  Pull the trigger and a precise dose aligned with your fertilizer needs is dispensed into the plant directly in front of you.  Rocking this highly productive nursery fertilizer dispenser, your team won’t fatigue out.  Minimal trigger effort, high capacity hopper, accurate dosing feeder aligned with the scoop sizes you’re used to make this unit a win for your plants growth.

  • Consistent and familiar dosing measurements
  • Low effort activation
  • Comfortable hopper design
  • Repurposed cost-effective consumer drill to drive unit.
Don’t mind our model or the field.
In Field Fertilizer Dispenser
In Field Fertilizer Dispenser

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