Lean Flow and Process Improvement

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Lean Flow and Process Improvement Machine Design for the Planting Line Have you ever thought of your plant production PLANT PRODUCTION like this? Plant production in nurseries closely resembles a traditional manufacturing line.  These manufacturing lines have had a lot of scrutiny applied to them over the years.  Some bright folks have developed some great tools to help optimize production processes.  If you’d like to learn more about these tools, head over to our sister site www.thefactorymachine.com to learn more.  I bet you’ll find some bit of info on how you can make some improvements to your operation. We use […]

nursery potting machine

4 Nursery Machines built specially for nursery container growers

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4 Nursery Machines built specially for nursery container growers Here are 4 examples and some info to learn a little bit about the different nursery machines that are built specifically for nursery growers: Potting Machines Potting machines have been for a very long time and have provided numerous growers with efficiency improvements.  They come in many sizes to fit the needs of any size grower.  The primary purpose of this nursery machine is to fill containers with soil for growing plants.  They typically have a hopper to hold material and a means to dispense the material over the top of […]

What is a Rice Hull Blower?

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Frequently Asked Questions about Rice Hull mulch and Topdressing What is rice hull mulch? Rice hull mulch is the application of rice hulls to the top of a growing media or soil.  The purpose is to prevent the germination and growth of weeds. By providing a depth of around 1.25”, weed seed that lands on the container or ground are unable to retain the moisture and proper environmental conditions to grow.  This prevents the growth of weeds. What is rice hull material? Rice hull or husk material is the case or chaff of the rice.  It is a byproduct of […]

small nursery potting machine

Frequently Asked Questions about Small Nursery Potting Machines

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FAQ about small nursery potting machines What is a potting machine? A potting machine is a piece of equipment that facilitates filling containers with growing media for plants.  The machines typically lift material up above the container and then let it waterfall down over a container.  Unused soil is recycled back into the machine. What type of electricity does a potting machine need? The bigger the machine the more electricity infrastructure is required.  Large multi yard nursery potting machines often require a great deal of power.  Commonly this is 3 phase 208V. In the US there are a handful of […]

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Who is STILT.PRO anyway?

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Who is STILT.PRO anyway? TL;DR STILT.PRO is on a quest for product ideas and collaboration. How it all started I started STILT.PRO while I was working for John Deere. Many evenings and weekends were spent at the R.A. Dudley’s nursery where I had a small office in the back of one of their shops. I could see the operation and learn about how everything worked. It was an invaluable opportunity. It showed me the pain points and operational needs around a wholesale nursery. I was immersed in the business and could see where there were needs for mechanization and equipment […]

green profit - stilt pro mixer

Green Profit – Trending Now – June 2021

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Green Profit – Trending Now – June 2021 Skip the hand mixing and upgrade your potting bench to the Ground Grinder Mini.  An integrated 1/2-yard, all-in-one compact small batch soil mixer and potting machine.  Load and fill from the front.  It features an integrated soil return hopper to recycle material back into the machine.  Made in the USA. https://www.ballpublishing.com

Garden Soil Mixer

Put your potting bench in hyper speed

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Soil Mixer | The Ground Grinder mini Speed up your soil mixing For those growers on the smaller side looking to make life a little easier, STILT.PRO recently introduced the GROUND GRINDER mini – a  semi-automatic, bale breaker, soil mixer and flat/pot filler designed with the small grower and garden center in mind. Load your DIY potting mix in the front through the integrated soil return grate and automatically return unused potting mix.  This soil mixing machine will provide an effortless job and a clean workspace. Change WHO can do the job of filling pots and flats.  Normally, you would […]

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6 Nursery and Greenhouse Equipment Must-Haves to Skyrocket Efficiency and Prevent Plant Loss

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6 Nursery and Greenhouse Equipment Must-Haves to Skyrocket Efficiency and Prevent Plant Loss Growers need tough hard-working machines to get the job done.  Whether you are managing the complexities of a greenhouse to make sure you deliver your poinsettias for Christmas or you are a nursery ensuring your product is ready at the right moment to deliver to customers for the spring season, you rely on your hard-working equipment and team to hit those deadlines. Check out these equipment ideas to streamline efficiency so you can rock your production and hit those numbers. 1. GROUND GRINDER | 1 Yard Soil […]

Short Term Equipment Lease

Don’t pay for a machine to sit most of the year

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Rice Hull Blower Leasing Option Our Equipment on your time with a reoccurring short term lease We’re introducing a lease program for you to utilize commercial grade equipment once or twice a year while not having to take on the burden of buying the equipment outright. In summary, you can use the machine once or twice a year to complete your rice hull application needs and after your lease period, the machine is rotated to another customer. Giving you the ability to optimize labor and efficiently apply rice hulls while making your money go farther. Don’t pay for a machine […]

The YARDSHOT - Residential Mulch Weed Control Application


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The “YARDSHOT” Check out our new rice hull mulch dispenser for landscapers.  Use this machine to apply rice hull mulch to landscape beds and gardens at residential locations.  Purchase this complete system to easily offer more value added services to your landscape and yard maintenance operation. Simple long lasting weed control for your customers – No Chemicals! Complete setup – No adjusting! Organic and less costly than bark. Visible weed barrier.